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Car Dealer: Vaughan Motors (1941) Ltd

This is our Vaughan Motors (1941) Ltd new car dealer page, We have listed the address of Vaughan Motors (1941) Ltd and phone numbers and websites. Vaughan Motors (1941) Ltd is in Birmingham, Vaughan Motors (1941) Ltd offers new cars, used cars, cheap new cars, cheap new motorbikes, cheap new motorbikes, used vehicles and new bikes in Birmingham and also any type of new cars and used cars in Birmingham.

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Vaughan Motors (1941) Ltd
2134 Coventry Road
Birmingham, B26 3JA
Phone: 0121-742 5533
Fax: 0121-742 1611

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Latest Reviews

* Sally Booker

Hi! After ages looking for a good BMW, which actually had the full service history, a second key and all the normal things that dealers promise, then cannot find when it comes to the crunch, I found a lovely low mileage model at Vaughan's. I had to travel quite a way but it was worth it - Clive certainly knows his stuff and was friendly and helpful - not at all pushy and hard sell. He confirmed they had built their reputation on selling good cars at realistic prices - and that showed. the car i bought from them was well worth the trip and I am delighted with it.

Thank you...

Jul 18, 2012
* ferryden

I spent a long time looking round for a decent used E-Class Mercedes at the right price. In my search I came across a swathe of companies with glitzy web-sites, often based on the (quite impressive) standard Autotrader format. But in most cases when you did any research behind the web site they obviously had nothing of substance: no premises; little stock; no established record with Companies House (several names I checked appeared to have traded under similar names which had been declared bankrupt!). One of the things that therefore attracted me to Vaughan Motors was the fact it has been established as a proper trading company since 1941!

After spotting a E220 CDi Avantgarde (Ď03) advertised with Vaughan Motors at the right price, I phoned a guy called Harry Portlock and arranged to see it. He answered all my questions helpfully and didnít try the Ďhard sellí, but did show interest in me as a customer (unlike others Iíve met whoíve either been smarmy or disinterested). He let me test drive and inspect the vehicle on my own with no distracting sales chat, following which I put a small deposit down on the vehicle. As the car was close to the end of itís MOT life, he arranged for the car to have a pre-delivery MOT test, with 12 months MOT put on it, in the process footing the bill to rectify a couple of very minor faults.

Vaughan Motors might not have the range of cars of some car supermarkets, but have some good stock and the right attitude. More importantly you are dealing with a proper trader who will still be there if you need to talk to them later on. Their Birmingham premises might be a bit basic, but thatís how they keep their prices so keen. Iíve been delighted with the way my purchase has been handled and can strongly recommend both Harry and Vaughan Motors to anyone buying a car here.


Sep 16, 2009

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