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Car Dealer: Colliers Of Acocks Green

This is our Colliers Of Acocks Green new car dealer page, We have listed the address of Colliers Of Acocks Green and phone numbers and websites. Colliers Of Acocks Green is in Birmingham, Colliers Of Acocks Green offers new cars, used cars, cheap new cars, cheap new motorbikes, cheap new motorbikes, used vehicles and new bikes in Birmingham and also any type of new cars and used cars in Birmingham.

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Colliers Of Acocks Green
884 Warwick Road
Birmingham, B11 2ES
Phone: 0121-764 4466
Fax: 0121-700 7215

Services Offered:

Areas Served:

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Latest Reviews

* David H

This dealership sold me and my pregnant wife a car with faulty airbags. They then lied to us for 16 months telling us the airbags were fine and it was just the dashboard light before admitting finally that actually two airbags were faulty. Since then they have responded very poorly to my three complaint letters and two online complaints (ignoring most of them), and have promised to call me back a number of times then not done so.

I bought the car in November 2008 and now, July 2010, it is still not fixed. They are incompetent liars and have sold me and my family an unsafe car.


Jul 2, 2010
* Anonymous

This dealership sold me a car with faulty airbags, spent over a year telling me it wasn't the airbags that were faulty but the dashboard, were unable to fix the problem and then told me actually the airbags were at fault. They are now refusing to buy the car back at a value that settles the finance they also sold me.


Jun 21, 2010
* John Smith

Was warned in advance how bad the service at this dealership was and still went ahead and had a service done, so serves me right!

It is as bad as it gets in every sense, so go elsewhere and don't be foolish like me....

Jan 22, 2009

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