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Car Dealer: Lister Park

This is our Lister Park new car dealer page, We have listed the address of Lister Park and phone numbers and websites. Lister Park is in Bradford, Lister Park offers new cars, used cars, cheap new cars, cheap new motorbikes, cheap new motorbikes, used vehicles and new bikes in Bradford and also any type of new cars and used cars in Bradford.

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Lister Park
99 Sticker Lane
Bradford, BD4 8RU
Phone: 01274 263600
Fax: 01274 263601

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Areas Served:

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Latest Reviews

* Saif Rahman

I bought a BMW 3 series, E90, 318i from Lister park in 2006. Looking back on this, it was the worst decision I have ever made in my life bar none!

The car was sold to me as a one previous owner, and it turned out it had two previous owners. It had damage to the body work. My private number plate transfer had not been done, and I had to chase that along with many other things. These problems mentioned here are the smaller of the complaints, the major issues are to follow.

About one year later, and several trips to the garage, the car still has problems selecting 1st gear. They installed a new clutch and it still hasn't solved the problem. The car creaks when it goes over small speed bumps. The door handles stick, the boot sticks, the interior creaks, the revs keep dropping to around 500rpm on idle. The air con fan speeds up and slows down of its own accord, and these are just a few on the problems.

Basically, they sold me a lemon and have done nothing to sort it out.

Next step, is through the courts.

Oh, and a well known weekly magazine wants to publish my story, I was holding back on this until I felt that I had no other option, and I have reached that point, so I hope others will take head and stay well clear of them...

Jan 21, 2008

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