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Car Dealer: Lancaster (Reading)

This is our Lancaster (Reading) new car dealer page, We have listed the address of Lancaster (Reading) and phone numbers and websites. Lancaster (Reading) is in Reading, Lancaster (Reading) offers new cars, used cars, cheap new cars, cheap new motorbikes, cheap new motorbikes, used vehicles and new bikes in Reading and also any type of new cars and used cars in Reading.

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Lancaster (Reading)
Bennet Road
Reading, RG2 0QX
Phone: 0118-965 8600
Fax: 0118-965 8601

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Areas Served:

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Latest Reviews

* natasha purdue

I am leaving this review on jaguar Lancaster bennet road Reading. we have been treated so badly by this dearler. we took our jag in their repairs department on the Friday, as they said they were not busy that day, the man on reception was so unfriendly, towards my husband, but he left the car there to be fixed, we heard nothing on the Friday, so we tried to phone them to ask if they knew what was wrong with the car, but they wouldn't answer the phone, kept trying all day but nothing, the next day Saturday still nothing so we tried to phone again, but still no answer on the phone, so we emailed them, still nothing, so we didn't know anything, we didn't know what was wrong with the car, or if they could fix the problem, or when we would get the car was so frustrating, we felt like they didn't care about us or our car, I had to take my husband to work on the Monday and collect him as we didn't have our jag, tried to phone them again to find out what was going on, guess what, they didn't answer the phone, Tuesday had to take husband to work again, finally they phone us, your car will be ready today, but we havnt got the parts yet, so come the evening time, they phone us to say havnt got the parts so we will have to wait another day, so we asked if we could have a car from them to use, sorry we haven't any cars you can use, but we can hire you one, what a cheek they have, they keep our car all that time and they wouldn't even gives us a car to use, we were told the bill will be 1000 for the repairs, but we will give you a 10 per cent discount, that's was something I suppose, so we go in their on the Wednesday evening to collect the car, and pay the bill, and surprise we had to pay 1018.00 so where was our discount, we didn't get it, we have been treated really badly by them, no communication for days, no car to use no discount, no nothing, we will never use them again, they did fix the car but caused us so much worry and stress, ..

Nov 15, 2013

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