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Car Dealer: Langmans

This is our Langmans new car dealer page, We have listed the address of Langmans and phone numbers and websites. Langmans is in Trowbridge, Langmans offers new cars, used cars, cheap new cars, cheap new motorbikes, cheap new motorbikes, used vehicles and new bikes in Trowbridge and also any type of new cars and used cars in Trowbridge.

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Trowbridge, BA14 8LL
Phone: 01225 775775
Fax: 01225 775775

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Latest Reviews

* Miles

EXCELLENT garage. I have been buying cars from Mr Langman for 20 years and he has never let me down. Such great customer service, prices, repairs, everything!!
On websites like these, everyone is quick to criticize but usually the 95% of happy customers don't write reviews as they are pleased with their purchase therefore do not feel the need to comment and write reviews. I have recommended Mr Langman to all of my friends and family and everyone I know has been very pleased with his service. Thank You..

May 23, 2017
* Bruce Redpath

My experience with Langmans Garage in Trowbridge was excellent!
I purchased an excellent car for my money 6,ooo.
The Car did have problems running after 2 months and proved to be quite a tricky problem to analyse. I took the car back and was given a totally reliable Service car while fault was diagnosed.
The diagnostics suggested a problem with the second piston. This was changed along with rings but proved to be incorrect as the fault remained. I took the car back and without any hesitation, Mr Langman sent it to the Skoda dealers who found the fault to be with the fuel injection pipe.
This was the fixed, by Skoda all at no cost to myself, and the car has been running like a dream since. Mr Langman did this , rightfully so, all at his cost, without any complaints and during the whole process I was given a reliable courtesy car and was not inconvenienced one bit.
The man has been in business for 22 years and for me, has given me the best service from any garage I have had the pleasure to visit in Wiltshire and shall be happy to stick with him for as long as I am on the road.
Mr Redpath (customer) May 2012

May 21, 2012
* Adrian


Feb 27, 2012
* mark

FANTASTIC GARAGE. really good deals, excellent service, nice, friendly owner, WELL RECCOMENDED..

Nov 16, 2011
* annonymus

GREAT garage, good deals..

Nov 16, 2011
* marcus

excellent garage, fantastic services and I would definately reccomend it..

Nov 16, 2011
* marcus

excellent garage, fantastic services and I would definately reccomend it..

Nov 16, 2011
* Ryan

Langmans were a nightmare sold me a vehicle with a few defects telling me he would sort the issues. This never happened. I had the vehicle a renualt laguna for which I had paid 2,500 less than 6 weeks in that time it was in for repairs no less than once a week. It also caught fire whilst I had my young son in the car and a very pregnant wife.

I only got any co-operation from him after I involved the OFT and Consumer Direct. He re-imbursed me the money in full in form of a Credit note towards another vehicle. I had to add 500 more towards said vehicle which has lasted me 2 years and now sits on my drive with multiple problems.

Clutch, Subframe, Brakes, Handbrake. Avoid at all costs. Hopefully Trading Standards shut this vile man down...

Oct 20, 2011
* Matthew Leonard

Bought Skoda Fabia 1.4tdi about 6 months ago.
Didnt realise it needed a service as was told every 2 him to do service at a slightly reduced price as good will, now find out that the brake fluid was not ever changed!!!!!
What a *hit bag! for all of your motoring needs!..

May 23, 2011
* Jake

Bought a 5000 car i had to pay for service and cam belt as he said he let me have the car so cheap .Tucked me up on px gave me 1500 he has not touched the car put it in his showroom for 3000.
Arthur Daily ..

Mar 20, 2011
* Unhappy

If only I'd read the reviews before buying. Shocking. Have owned the car nearly a month and its been in the garage for the whole time. Refuses point blank to give refund despite car being dangerous and consistently breaking down. Please please please be warned....not an honest trader at all...

Nov 13, 2010
* Dave

Part ex'ed a car three years ago. No problems, a good guy to deal with. Would go back again if he had the right car and would part ex again. Good to have honest people in the neighbourhood. ..

Oct 17, 2010
* Richard Morrell

Have had two cars from Langmans, a Freelander (going into that eyes wide open) and a Rover. Both had warranty faults both had those faults fixed immediately, the only outstanding water loss issue I took to another garage paying out 345 myself as Langmans couldn't find the fault which turned out to be a Header tank and a pipe. They had the car three days couldnt find fault, other garage (Hullavington Garage) had it a day and its been fine since.

Every issue apart from this on both cars have been rectified almost immediately (clutch slave master cylinder, window release, thermostat and pipes). Rover went back in with suspected Head Gasket, which wasnt. I've since extended the warranty on the Land Rover for 12 months and Richard paid for half of that. I can't speak for the other reviewers comments but I have had no issues - other than the missed failure with the header tank - and I would happily buy another car from a dealer who although old school is really very honest and making a living in an ever changing trade...

Mar 18, 2010
* fred

AVOID terrible company avoid at all costs, if there is a problem with your car he will do his best to get it past the 3 months warranty mark promising you this and having the car in and not doing anything to it as there garage is useless, saying things have been checked when they havent,and promosing the car will be fixed then after 3 months he dosnt want to deal with you any longer, even if the fault happened within the warranty period. beleive me you have been warned..

Nov 13, 2008
* Bob

STEER CLEAR!!!! arthur daley type establishment, grotty place, look at the state of the office its simaler to the state of service you will recieve. i bought a car from here with constant faults, do not expect them to fix it without a moan either. like getting blood out of a stone nearly had to punch the owner to get him to do anything. currently trying to get refund...

Nov 10, 2008

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